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Ever since the Lebanese revolution of 2019, economic and social crises have been continuously hitting the country. Food security levels dropped tremendously and people became unable to provide basic nutritional needs.

Our Vision
Our vision as GIAL is to build a hunger-free world by giving people eco-friendly and sustainable tools for food culture. Moreover, we strive to build enjoyable and stress-free urban cities where communities can thrive.

Our Mission
The mission of our company is finding efficient and sustainable hydroponic solutions to food security problems inside and outside Lebanon, and it does so through a range of innovative products and services using out-of-the-box technologies and techniques.

Products & Services


GIAL offers its clients hydroponic tiles that are eco and user-friendly, customizable, modular and innovative. These tiles are made of 100% recycled plastic and have a jigsaw-like configuration to allow easier set-up of the hydroponic device.

Additionally, our tiles can be laid-out either horizontally or vertically with or without integrated automation, depending on the client’s needs and preferences.

Our product uses a special type of medium that is suitable for culture, recyclable and most importantly with no dirt involved in the process.


While living in a city like Beirut can be stressful and relentless, having planted green spaces in urban areas allows people to unwind and enjoy the moment.

Our company, GIAL, designed an innovative solution allowing businesses located in urban cities to create hydroponic botanical gardens in their own spaces, thus providing their employees and clients with a stress-free, more enjoyable environment.

To maximize users’ comfort, our hydroponic botanical gardens are going to be shielded by aesthetically pleasing green-house-like ceilings allowing people to feel cool during hot weather and warm during cold ones.

Since our company thrives to have maximum social impact, especially on the Lebanese community, GIAL has an innovative initiative that gives Lebanese artists the chance to get exposure. In fact, every green-house that the company is going to set-up, will be painted, and adorned by the designs of these artists to have at the end a literal work of art.

Gial provides its clients with a variety of services related to hydroponic culture


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